How convert sql file to ERD and DFD


when I have file.sql, is possible convert this file to ERD diagram and DFD diagram?

I know how create sql file from ERD but i need reverse path.

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Our Visual Paradigm for UML and Smart Development Environment (Professional Edition or above), also the Database Visual ARCHITECT (all edition) support reverse DDL/SQL file into ERD. You can find this feature under Tools >Reverse DDL or Modeling > Reverse DDL menu. We do not support reverse SQL/DDL into DFD.

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Reverse DDL is not working. I select it from the Tools menu, enter the values, and press OK. No errors are reported, no file gets created. If I change the database type (from Oracle to MySql), it parses some of the file but stops with an error message because some table definitions use CHECK constraints in the column definition and MySql does not support that.

I am actually going to create the tables using DB2 (which is not a database type option), but Oracle’s DDL syntax is enough alike that I can use it.

Can you send us your DDL file (which fail to reverse) to have a look?

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is there way to convert ERD to DFD, or (getting DFD from Sql?)

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ERD is for database design. It models database tables as well as their inter-relationship. DFD is for modeling the production, request and transferal of data within processes. They two have no direct relationship therefore, we cannot produce a DFD from ERD.

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can I use Entity in ERD for Data Store in DFD?

You can right click on the Entity and select Related Elements > Create Model Element, then specify Data Store as the target element type. This will allows you to create a Data Store element which having its source from the Entity. Model Transitor will be created automatically and allows you to navigate between the source Entity, as well as the target Data Store. The following video will show you how the “Create Model Element” works (using Archimate requirement and SysML requirement as example). Feel free to contact me for any questions.

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