How Delete Diagrams and Model Elements Without Confirmation of user?

Hi Guys,
I know we can delete model elements and diagram with .delete() method but when i use this method a confirmation box appears in vp and it needs user to confirm deleting , but i don’t want that confirmation box appears.
How delete diagrams and elements without needing of user confirmation?

Sorry for late reply.

Sorry, it is a bug on OpenAPI.
Deleting diagram via OpenAPI should not need user to confirm delete ‘something’.
We just fixed this problem in latest patch, please update to latest path.

Now, IDiagramUIModel#delete()

  • will delete the Diagram + its DiagramElement(s)
  • will NOT delete the ModelElement(s) of those DiagramElement(s).

About how to update to patch, you may reference to following knowhow page:

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Ok,Thank you