How do I get a project back and when will multiple project support be coming?

I am testing the free trial of the SDE for VS. I am using it against VS2010 in case that matters.

My first problem is that I seem to start off with no SDE project every time I start up the tool fresh. I have used the tool to create a couple of diagrams, saved the project, and I even click on the project file to start up the SDE and VS2010 but when everything boots up all the SDE windows say “please open a project”. There does not appear to be an open project menu option or right menu pick, so I’m not sure how I am supposed to open one?

My second issue is that my programs tend to be big (15+ projects in the same solution usually), so the inability to populate the model view and build class diagrams across multiple projects is an issue. It is hard to analyze our code if we can only see dependencies within a single project. I understand from searching the forums that this ability is not yet supported but I want to know if the ability is being worked on. If so is there any estimate as to when it will be available?

Lastly, is there any plan to support the creation of other types of diagrams besides class diagrams? Like sequence disgrams for example? The latest VS2010 can generate those with its small built in UML tool (I like the diagrams but not the tool which is missing a lot of basic things like documentation).