How do i get SDE to automatically create a UML diagrams?


I have created a somewhat big java project in eclipse, and after that i installed SDE, so now the question is how do i get SDE to automatically create a class diagram from my project? I have tried everything i could think about for several hours, with no success, so maybe someone in here could help me?


Hi Andreas133,

Thanks for your post. If you are using code synchronization (supported in Professional Edition or above), the code will be reversed to class models (not diagram), but you simply need to select the reversed models in Model Explorer and drag them on the class diagram (you may need to switch to Modeling Perspective to switch to the Model Explorer).

If you need, you can take a look at the documentation about code synchronization from the following link:

If using Instant Reverse, you can choose the reversed class models to automatically create the class diagram. But Instant Reverse is an one-off engineering that does not track between code and models as tight as code synchronization.

If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong