How do I make a reusable sub-process?

I’m trying to make a sub-process that I can use several times on a top level process diagram. I’ve created the sub-process diagram. I then add the activity symbol on the top level diagram, click the plus sign, check my sub-process in the list and click OK. Then I can see the details of the sub-process inside the top level symbol. All is good so far.

But if I then create another top level symbol that calls the same sub-process again, the contents of the first symbol disappear. It seems that I can only have the contents of the subprocess appear in one of the top level symbols.

Is this the intended behaviour? Is there a way I can get the subprocess to appear twice or more times on the top level diagram, if I’ve got all + buttons clicked?

Thanks - Rowan

Hi Rowan,

One sub-process diagram can be owned by only ONE parent. For you case, I suggest you re-use the same sub-process element. To re-use an element, you can try copy-and-paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V), or drag the sub-process from Model Explorer onto the diagram. Both will resulting in creating a view of sub-process for the same sub-process element.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

At first sight this seems to do what I want. I had not appreciated (and still don’t fully understand) the difference between creating a new re-usable sub-process and pointing it to an existing business process diagram, and dragging the process onto the diagram. This may be related to the difference between copying something and duplicating it, and/or to the difference between Reusable and Reference sub-processes. Are these things explained somewhere?

Thanks for your help with all these questions!