How do I make the diagram wider?

I’ve just downloaded BPVA and am trying to construct my first Busines Process Diagram. This is probably the stupidest question that’s ever been asked, but how do I make the drawing wider? I’ve added some pools to the diagram, and when selected the pools seem to have handles, which looks as if you should be able to drag the end of the pools to the right making them longer, but all the end handles are greyed out. The top and bottom handles are enabled so I can make the pools higher from top to bottom, but not wider. How do I do this?

Thanks - Rowan

Hi Rowan,

When you create shapes on the right hand side of the diagram, inside the pools, the pools will grow automatically. This is to ensure the pools are always fit in size by avoid unnecessary spaces. If you dislike this behavior, please turn it off by right clicking on the background of diagram and de-selecting “Presentation Options > Pools Display Options > Auto Stretch Pools” from the popup menu. By doing so, you can resize the pools manually.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thanks for your reply. I understand this now.