How do you model methods with variable number of arguments in UML?

I was wondering if there is a standard notation for methods that accept variable number of arguments in UML.
If not how could I model that in UML (some examples)?

Let’s say I have class:

FamilyTree that has a method Find that could look like this:

Find(ITreeMemberCriterion c1) or
Find(ITreeMemberCriterion c1, ITreeMemberCriterion c2) or
FindITreeMemberCriterion c1, ITreeMemberCriterion c2, ITreeMemberCriterion c3)

I was thinking of putting a List ADT as a parameter for the method but I don’t know how correct would that be according to the specifications of UML 2.0 taking into consideration that the I want the implementation to be done using variable number of arguments. I’m a kind of a UML noob and I’m guessing by now that the a ClassDiagram class element isn’t that much related to the physical implementation of it?