How is operating system abstraction layer managed with UML modeling and in particular statechart diagrams?


I’m evaluating Visual Paradigm and I’m used to IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer and Architect.

I followed this small tutorial: How to Generate Code from State Machine Diagram? (, created a state chart diagram for a class and generated C++ code.

In the generated code I’m able to see the “glue logic” for the statemachine functioning in statemap.h, however I don’t see any intermediate code for handling queue of events or tasks, with respect to the operating system used. In fact I don’t see any interfacing code for the OS abstraction.

I checked in the documentation and wasn’t able to find something describing the customization of the code generation process vs such operating system abstraction layer.

Can someone explain to me where I can find such intermediate code to be adapted for an operating system in VP 17.1 standard?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Kind regards.