How much SysML support is in VisualParadigm product family, and if so in which editions?


How much SysML support is in VisualParadigm product family, and if so in which editions ?

O.k there is the requirements diagram now,
but Sysml is so much “different” from UML 2.0,
that a new “mode” would be useful, from my point of view.

Oh, I read the (gerrman) book

Systems Engineering mit SysML / UML. Modellierung, Analyse, Design
by Tim Weilkiens

which makes obvious that SysML is not “UML 2.0 with requirements diagram”, and that a mixture of both description languages might be a deadly decision.

Btw, Tim Weilkiens will be guest speaker on the event
"Management-Briefing: Anforderungsmanagement und Systems Engineering" ( “Management briefing: Requirements management and und systems engineering” )
on 2006-07-06 in Hamburg, Germany.


Hello Rolf,

Currently, we support Requirement Diagram in all editions. May I know what do you need for SysML that we are not yet supported?

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Well, “read the book” ( :oops: its not in english), it explains the difference in graphical notation between UML 2 and SysML.

In a SysML mode I would expect that the usual UML 2.0 functionality is RESTRICTED to that of SysML and

in the UML mode I would expect that all the ADDITIONS of Sysml are NOT available.

Remember the ordinary user who might use SysML features in an UML 2 diagramm “just by chance”, and then his/her audience does not understand, and of course with a third-party tool without SysML support the graphics cannot be loaded/recreated.

So the “existence” of a requirements diagram is the least problem, as long as there is a “RED WARNING” always that its not part of UML 2.0…

I was told, for example, SysML and UML have different opinions about “ports”, and so SysML has options to differ between different kind of ports ( standard port, object flow port), while UML not.

For example,

  • classes are names “system blocks”, the class diagram “block definition diagram”
  • there may be object infomation flow in the “internal block diagram”
  • the activity diagram is much more enhanced…
  • 2 new diagram types ( requirements, CONSTRAINTS diagram)


and I share the opinion of this FAQ:
“In this answer we assume that most UML-SysML vendors will be able to provide their users with “SysML only,” “UML only,” and “UML-SysML combined” usage modes or perspectives (the Eclipse term).”

So in general UML tools are not “Visio”, Visio allows anything to paint as long as there are proper symbols…


Hi user,

Which part of the SysML do you want us to support in further?

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