How to add diagram type to diagram name?

Hello everyone,

I just started to use VP and have a question about printing. How can I add the diagram type to the name of the diagram when printing with frame? For instance I want to add “sm” to my name for a state machine to get something like this.

In the meantime I found some old VP documentation (~2005) that describes exactly what I want. Therefore I think I can do this but don’t know how.

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I also search how add diagram type and name on the diagram. Anyone know how add those?

Hi Tomasz,

Currently you can insert diagram name to the header and/or footer in the printout, but diagram type is currently not supported:

As a workaround, you can add a diagram info shape to the diagram, and add the desired diagram properties to show. The default properties are ${nickname} and ${description}, you can then add ${type} to it to also show the diagram type. Since the info shape is part of the diagram, it will get printed out together.

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