How to add Doxygen style comment blocks to classes in class diagrams that appear in generated code?

I am trying to figure out how to add Doxygen style comment blocks to my classes such that when the code is generated and round-trip processing will not lose the comment blocks.

For instance a file header might contain this:


  • @file Socket.cpp
  • @author Santa Clause
  • @version 2/6/15
  • Copyright © 2015 SomeCompany
  • Contains the port and ipaddress used for connections

I tried putting this information in the General Documentation for the Class Specification and that didn’t work. Then I tried putting the header into the file and reverse engineering to see where the information would get stored in the Class Specification and could not find it. I poked around at other settings and for the life of me cannot find anywhere to put this Doxygen style comment.

Thank you.