How to add support for a new DBMS?

I want to connect to my Snowflake instance over JDBC. How do I add Snowflake as a valid DBMS?


You cannot add support for new DBMS.
Could you please tell me what features will you use with Snowflake (e.g. will use ORM?)? So that we can evaluate whether we will support it.

Snowflake is a relational DBaaS (database as a service) available in the AWS and Azure cloud platforms.

We would like Snowflake to appear in the list of supported databases, and to be able to configure ODBC/JDBC connectivity.
There are a few Snowflake-specific extensions (such as our VARIANT datatype), but for the most part, we’re 100% compatible with ANSI-standard SQL dialects. No need for ORM - but forward and reverse-engineering support would be required.


Thank you for your information. We planned to support in next version.

Hi is Snowflake supported yet


Is there any update regarding Snowflake Database support ? We would like to use the support of Rev.Engineering features for Snowflake as well. And we’re about to purchasing some licenses and it is very crucial requirement for us.

Hi @PaulHoran/@Will_Riley/@ekaya,

I would like to let you know that Visual Paradigm 16.1 with Snowflake support (forward and reverse engineering) is ready for download/update.

thanks, it is working fine with Snowflake now.