How to add word separator to table/column name together use with abbreviation replacement upon synchronize form logical to physical

From logical table/column name OrganizationType to physical table/column name ORG_TYP with following abbreviation OrganizationORG and TypeTYP, word separator with _ (underscore).

Thank you for your inquiry and I’m sorry that currently we do not support name abbreviation mapping in such way. We only support match on the full text, i.e. define mapping for OrganizationType and ORG_TYP, but not breaking into multiple works with auto insert separator in between. We will consider to support this in our future release.

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Thank you for considering this feature!

And also if VP support reverse abbreviation replacing upon synchronization from PhysicalClass (ORM) which is opposite abbreviation replacement of LogicalPhysical, will be excellent.

Currently it supports vis mapping files but it’s a bit tedious as if Physical need to be abbreviated.