How to Call a business process from a VP project inside another project?

Hi guys
I have a question related to some BPMN concepts.
Consider the situation which i want to do a part of a business process from a project inside another project ( Visual Paradigm project i mean).
I cant use sub-process because the other process is at another project.Also that process may be the sub-diagram of another sub-process and i don’t want to break that relation too.
So, whats your solution for such this situations?
copy and paste the whole process (whole business process diagram) from that project into the new project or use referencing concept ( for example draw a sub process in my project and simply reference it to the diagram inside another project ?
I want to know whats the standard method for doing this because there are a lot of options for modeling this situations ( like using Link Intermediate Events,Call Activity or etc. )

Hi Mamad,

Your enhancement request “Sub Process support reference project diagram” is passed to our engineer team. We will notify you once it is supported.

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wow this would be useful - really is meant being able to use diagrams in reference projects across other projects. The thing is a diagram is just a view. What would you do if somebody just changed the colours for some arbitrary reason.

I think that I would draw my own diagram of the subprocess with the referenced elements. And look at design patterns perhaps? Worth playing with it anyway