How To Change Forum Signature

Can anyone tell me how to change my forum signature, or at least make it so my messages don’t appear with ‘anonymous’ as the author name?

Best wishes, Patrick Skelton

Hello Patrick,

You have to register an account in order to have your own user name and signature.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

that is a question

Hi user,

I’m Lilian Wong, a colleague of Rain. Do you mean that you experienced some difficulties with registration?

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

1st you have to go through a registration process where you have to provide a username and password and other information required.After that you will get a signature and you will not see ‘anonymous’ anymore.

How to edit your forum signature:

  1. Click the profile button (on the main forum)
  2. Click Information Profile (on the left side menu)
  3. Scroll down to find the “custom signature” area
  4. Enter your signature, or use bbcode to insert a chart
  5. Important! Click “Change Profile” link at the bottom when you’re done!

…submit infographics…