How to change the position of the boundary lifeline from left to right?

I want to change the position of the boundary. Like by default it comes on the left hand side of the lifeline. But I have seen some diagrams and need to find a way to have the boundary line on the right side.
Sorry new user can only post one media, so I want something like this:
(the boundary is on right side)
When i was looking for it, i found a way to change the icon but ain’t sure what to do exactly.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Pratyush_Gupta,

Welcome to our forum! As I know, the presentation we support is pretty common, if not standard. Currently, we do not support other presentations. Do you have any references for me to follow about the presentation you want? I have performed a bit of searching but failed to find information relevant. I would like to collect more information and perhaps to ask our team to support it.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung