How to copy custom hotkeys from one workspace to another


I added custom hotkeys to some of the frequently used functions (mainly aligning and distributing elements in diagrams) but when I created another workspace I noticed that those hotkeys are gone. Starting a project using the original workspace brings them back.

Is there a way copy hotkeys between workspaces?

Hi gemisigo,

Thank you for your post. Hotkey assignment is a setting stored in workspace. You can only reuse it elsewhere by importing the entire workspace. Doing so will import also the other settings made in Application Options as well as the layout settings.

To import workspace, you must first find out your workspace folder. Select Help > Switch Workspace. The path presented in the dialog box is your workspace folder. Copy its path first. Then, start Visual Paradigm in the new workspace. Select Help > Switch Workspace again. This time, click on Import Workspace and paste the copied path to file chooser. By restaring Visual Paradigm you should see the settings applied.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung