How to copy entities from one project to another?

Is it possible to copy multiple entities from one ERD project to another? If so, how? Thank you.

You can export and import in to another VP project any collection of particular objects :

Hi msavoy,

Thank you for your post.

If you want to copy all the entities in an ERD to another project, you can use the diagram export/import feature.

  1. Select Project > Export > Visual Paradigm project
  2. In the Export window, select the ERD to export
  3. Enter the output path of your .vpp to export
  4. Click Export

Then, open the target project and perform an import (Project > Import > Visual Paradigm Project)

Alternatively, you can also copy the shapes by pressing Ctrl-C, and then paste in the ERD under the target project by pressing Ctrl-V in the diagram editor. Note that this method works only when copy and paste are performed within the same session.

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Jick Yeung

Thank you, Jick. I’ll try it.