How to create a class diagram

Hi, i need to create a class diagram from my existing eclipse project so im trying to use VP-uml. I tried dragging the classes into the grid but that does nothing. Can you tell me what im suppose to do to get the whole class diagram of my project without having to enter everything manually thanks. Oh and i looked at the tutorials but they only suggest that you make everything from scratch.

I have the community edition(one which is free)


Dear harry,

SDE for Eclipse Community Edition does not provide code-to-model facility. It is only available in the Professional Edition.



Hi, do you know of any applications that (free ones) which can write the class diagrams out as you code. I know together from togethersoft does but are there any other ones which have same visually elegance as the VP-UML.

thanks, if not i might just have to use communi one

Dear Harry,

Sorry but I’m afraid there is no free UML tools that supports code reverse engineering.



Hi anthony.

can you tell me the steps to follow to generate the Use Case diagrams by reverse engineering by Visual Paradigm


Dear Lee,

Currently VP-UML does not support the reverse engineering of use case diagrams.