How to create an UML Profile


I need to create an UML-Profile. So far I basically read a couple UML books and papers but couldn’t find any advice how to create such a profile.

Does anybody know about a good tutorial or book that copes with that topic?

Ok, let me think. What is a UML Profile???

My understanding is that it is a collection of bits and pieces (Stereo types, tagged values etc) that are applied to the elements and atttributes. So what you want to do is create a collection for a particular model problem especially for the domain you model.

Am I on the right track??? has some papers on it.

But it depends on what domain you are working in eg cobra, xml, business process. The way in understand it is that you collect all the stereo types for your domain and configur those to the elements (configure them in VP).

Anyway have a go at:

Sort of describes the profile for what they did.

Hope this helps.

Try this one: The UML Profile for Framework Architectures (Paperback)
by Marcus Fontoura, Wolfgang Pree, Bernhard Rumpe