How to create separate distinct classes with the same name but different attributes in a vp uml cd?

Hello - I’m creating a conceptual model of an existing system through a VP UML class diagram.

I have 2 different classes, both need a child class with the same name but different attributes. By default VP UML seems to treat 2 classes with the same name in a class diagram as the same class.

This means that all the attributes are shared/updated between these 2 classes simultaneously but I need these 2 classes to be distinct, each with its own set of attributes, for this diagram.

Do I have any options for achieving this in VP UML?

Thanks you for your message. The reason why the 2 subclass being consider as the same one is just because it is not allow to have 2 classes having same name in the same package. If you creating a class with same name to another one in the same package, we will then consider you just want to create another “view” of that class in the diagram, thus they will be associated with the same underlying class model. If you have put the classes into different packages then they will not being associated together, thus their modification will not affecting each other. If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Rain Wong