How to customize the contents from Project publisher?

I really like the Project Publisher feature and was wondering how I can customize it to publish only the contents/specification I want?
For example, I want Business people to review the business process by navigating/drilling-down through the published BPD and see ‘filtered out’ or customized tasks specification when clicked on. Is this possible? I tried the report generator as well but it seems lacking navigation and drill-down capability.

Thanks in advance.

hi Kyu,

Could you provide us with more detail about what you want to filter out, and other expected changes?

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What I’d like to achieve (if possible) is this:
(Btw, I’ve used your product only for a month now)

To Publish selected project contents (such as BPD and basic Use cases) in a navigatable/site-like format, which is supported by the current publisher, for Business/Operations/QA teams. Under this goal, I want to publish more general/business properties of a Task or an activitiy. For example, when you click on a Task/Data object in a BPD, in the published content, following details are displayed:

Properties- mostly technical detail.
Relationships Summary- Not interesting for non-technical people
Assignment- Potentially useful
Relationships Detail: Not interesting for non-technical people
References: useful
Occupied Diagrams: useful

Out of these properties, I would like to filter out the ones that are not interesting to my audiences while adding additional data such as project management properties which are more interesting for my audiences.

Is this feasible? Or should I use report generator instead? I tried it but its output is indeed a report, a big long document, not like the navigatable/site-like output from publisher. I couldn’t control direct-drill-down to sub diagram either. If I can get that navigatable/site-like output from report generator, I would be happy as well.


Hi user,

There is a filter function in publisher for you to control the content to or not to show in published content. Please take a look at the attached image. Click on Advanced Options, and you can find the Filtered Content field. You can add content to not show in published content.

Since this was recently added, I doubt if your installation has this included or not. If you do not find it, please run the update program (in %VP-Suite%\bin) to advance to latest release and have a try. I think that this is what you are looking for…

Please let me know if it helps.

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