How to define an interface

This is probably a weird question as it’s a pretty basic thing to do in UML but for some reason I can’t find where to define an interface in Visual Paradigm no matter how much I look for it. (Note: not asking for the UML syntax, I just can’t find the option within Visual Paradigm. I’m using Visual Paradigm Community Edition 15.1.

As you can see, there is no option to define an interface instead of a normal class, which is different from what I see on this video. This is a video from 4 years ago so I could imagine it being outdated but I can’t find a newer version.

Hi, is this what you are looking for:


If so, you need to left click the small black triangle in the bottom right corner of the class tool option to display the sub-menu, rather than right-clicking on the class option.

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That was it, thanks!