How to delete a user from VP administration console

Hi guys,
i login with the admin user at VP web console but i cant find any option for deleting users !
How to do this operation ?

When logged into vpository online, there is no way of deleting users as far as I’m aware. However, you can deactivate them.
To do this, go into the management screen and click on members on the left hand menu. Edit the user you want to deactivate by clicking on the edit button when you hover over a user. When on the “Edit User” screen, make sure the “Member” navigation option is selected and then uncheck the “Active” checkbox.

When looking at the list of members on the management screen, there is an option to “Show active members only”. If you uncheck this, it will allow you to view all members and allow you to make them active again, if you wish too.

@GregS thank you for your reply
Yeah i know how to deactivated users but i really need to delete them because i created a lots of test users and now i want to delete them for better looks and to manage my users easier.

Any way, can any body propose a solution for this ? :thinking:


Sorry that delete user is not available. It is referenced by a lot of resources, it’ll cause inconsistency if user deleted.
Deactivate user has similar effect, deactivated users will be hidden by default.

Ok but do you have any plan to add this feature ? i think its necessary for a admin to can manage a user and probably delete it.