How to delete Sprints from model structure

We have recently upgraded our VP to using VP 15.1 (20181103) and therefore I thought I’d have a play with the User Story Map and Agile board. I’ve noticed though, that after creating a sprint and closing it, I am unable to delete it from the model structure in VP as shown below:

When a usecase has been created, I am able to right click and delete. there is no such option for Sprints. Any idea’s how this could removed from the structure?

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Hi GregS,

According to our engineers we already supported delete sprints in the latest patch build. May I know you are using VP Server or VP Online as your repository so that I can help you on the software update? Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Rain,

I’m using VP Server. I opened up the “User Story Map” option from the tool menu and it opens up an Agile page. If I click on Sprint option and expand the “Show Closed Sprints” it shows the “Gregtest”. But I am unable to delete it in there and Im unable to delete from the model structure. I can’t right click on it or I can’t move the sprint back into the working list (whether thats part of the scope Im not sure).