How to develop VPUML plugin

Hi all!

I am searching for information on how to develop a eclipse plugin that can interoperate with VPUML. For now I have not found any useful information. Your API-docs do not help me anything for they do not contain any comments. And your sample plugins without their source codes are also not very helpful.

I would appreceate if someone could send me a sample plugin with sources, that somehow interacts with VPUML.

Thank you very much.


For more information about how to develop plug-in in our product, please go to;


in your plugin docs I can only find the way to export out of VPUML. But I wanna import from a database, where workflows are saved in tables and want to create state diagrams. Is that possible with vp openapi?


Dear Rurik,

Thank you for your email. Our latest plug-in architecture provides full access to the models. For more details, please visit the plug-in architecture documentation section at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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