How to disable check for updates for this application

Kindly suggest me as i am in process of re-packaging this application as per my organisation standards, we do not want auto-updates or check for updates option for users.
kindly suggest.

You can setup a standard workspace with all the settings you needed to be standardize (including update setting), and distribute that workspace to user along with your re-packaged application. As long as you copy the workspace to proper location then the setting will automatically being picked up. To do this:

  1. Install one VP application and apply all the settings you needed

  2. Copy the default workspace folder
    Windows: %appdata%\VisualParadigm\ws
    Linux: ~/.config/VisualParadigm/ws
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/VisualParadigm/ws

  3. Distribute the workspace to user by copy the default workspace path as above