How to download VP for UML6.0


The current free trial version is 6.3. But the university uses 6.0 in its system. I want to install a free trial version 6.0 in my own PC. Where can I download it? Thanks!

I noticed that one site,, is supplied to on-line users. I couldn’t log in with the forum user name.

Best regards,
John Lee

Hi John Lee,

Thanks for your post. We are sorry that we only provide evaluation software of latest version, VP-UML 6.3 only.

You need to contact your course professor for getting the installer of VP-UML 6.0, but I suggest you ask the professor to upgrade to VP-UML 6.3 by subscribing products. Details of product subscription can be found at

If you or your professor need any help, please feel free to send an email to

Best regards,
Lilian Wong