How to draw Class diagram from Visual C++ code?

Can anyone please suggest me how can i generate class diagram from VC++ source code using visual studio

Hi user,

Sorry for my late reply. I think you have posted your message in the wrong place (you should put the message in SDE forum but here is VP-UML).

The SDE Professional Edition (or above) for Visual Studio (SDE PE-VS) supports code synchronization for VC++, you can find out details of reversing .NET code by code sync from

BTW, you can still reverse VC++ to class diagram in VP-UML using Instant Reverse (available in Standard Edition or above). But since VP-UML only supports reversing source code of ANSI C++ but not Visual C++, you need to compile your VC+ code to dll / exe file and then reverse it to class diagram through Tools > Instant Reverse > .NET dll or exe files. More details can be found at

*Code sync will update the changes made in code/models, but Instant Reverse will overwrite all models every time you run it.

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Lilian Wong