How to draw component diagrams

I am quite lost any help please.
I have no clue as to how to draw component diagrams. I have my use case, design use case, class, sequence and activity diagrams. I would like to know (if possible) a step by step approach to drawing component diagrams. I dont know if i should use my sequence diagram as a sort of template to model this diagram.


What do i class as a component? I have a main window that allows a user to select a choice on selecting that choice enters an ID relationg to that choice on which is verified and displays a new screen with information (From the users choice).

In my sequence diagram i have an actor, a main window, a controller and two classes.

So would a class or actor or input box (for ID) be a component?

Oh and will be using visual basic as the language.

As I have the Diagram of Components understood it refers to big Subsystems, not to simple actors or parts of a System, which you give as example there are parts of a system.

Each of these Subsystems, they will have his Cases of Uses and his actors and others.

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