How to exclude few Attribute values from the published HTML document

Finding out a way to exclude or suppress few details during class publish to document.
Eg. we create a class called ‘Person’ having attributes as ‘firstName’ and ‘lastName’ and when we try to publish the html out of it the HTML contained some extra information about the attribute like ‘Derived’, ‘Is ID’, ‘Leaf’ etc which we do not want.
Is there a way to customize it so that we can choose what we want when we publish the document?

Sorry, Project Publisher does not support exclude/suppress the details.
In the Advanced Options dialog, there is a Filter Content option at the bottom of the advanced options. You can exclude some content (e.g. don’t generate all “Attribute Summary” table), but cannot exclude some of the attributes.

To generate a customized document, you may use Doc. Composer.
In Doc. Composer, you can

  • select which models/diagrams will be included in the document,
  • decide how to generate the details by your customized Template XML

for example:

Thanks Peter,
Would this feature be added sometime later for Project Publisher?