How to export from VP UML 7.2 to VP 7.1?


I’m working with VP UML 7.2 and my client has a VP 7.1 Visualisation kit.
He can’t open my *.vpp and I need to export *.pdf (very unpractical to communicate :().

As I’m a brand new user (of VP & this forum) I don’t know if the roadmap includes this functionnality.

Best regards

Hello jbl,

Please export the project to XML (File > Export > XML…) and import it back at your client’s machine. However, the result has no guarantee because in version 7.2 there may be new features that version 7.1 do not have. For example, in 7.2 we have introduced a new diagram called “Conversation Diagram”. If you are trying to export an XML with conversation diagram, and import back in 7.1, you won’t see the conversation diagram.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post again for any questions.

Best regards,

Dear Jick,

Thank you, I’ll try it (as I’m not using so much new features).

It’s my pleasure, jbl :slight_smile: :slight_smile: