How to find type of Tasks(User Tasks,Service Task, etc...) in a Business Process Diagram?


Hi guys,
As you know we have various type of Tasks in a BP Diagram like Service Task,User Task,Manual Task and some others.
My problem is that i cant find Type property of tasks when i retrieve them as model elements ,shape elements or even diagram elements.
Actually i think i should retrieve tasks of diagram as IPTASK objects to find their type but i don’t know how to do this.
Thanks in advance


IBPTask.getTaskType() : IModelElement returns the type of Task.
It may return null, or instance of BPServiceTask, BPSendTask, BPReceiveTask, BPUserTask, BPManualTask, BPBusinessRuleTask, BPScriptTask, BPReferenceTask

for StartEvent, check getTrigger()
for EndEvent, check getResult()


Oh …, I had forgotten that we can simply retrieve tasks as IBPTask object by a simple cast likes this:
IBPTask task = (IBPTask) modelElement; :no_mouth:

thank you for reminding me :wink: