How to find type of Tasks(User Tasks,Service Task, etc...) in a Business Process Diagram?

Hi guys,
As you know we have various type of Tasks in a BP Diagram like Service Task,User Task,Manual Task and some others.
My problem is that i cant find Type property of tasks when i retrieve them as model elements ,shape elements or even diagram elements.
Actually i think i should retrieve tasks of diagram as IPTASK objects to find their type but i don’t know how to do this.
Thanks in advance

IBPTask.getTaskType() : IModelElement returns the type of Task.
It may return null, or instance of BPServiceTask, BPSendTask, BPReceiveTask, BPUserTask, BPManualTask, BPBusinessRuleTask, BPScriptTask, BPReferenceTask

for StartEvent, check getTrigger()
for EndEvent, check getResult()

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Oh …, I had forgotten that we can simply retrieve tasks as IBPTask object by a simple cast likes this:
IBPTask task = (IBPTask) modelElement; :no_mouth:

thank you for reminding me :wink: