How to generate code from use case diagram

I start manipulating VP-UML and i have a problem when I use “use case diagram”, I can’t generate code C++ also I can generate code C++ only with class diagram.
Thank you for your answer

Hi Belganche,

Thanks for your post. Currently we support generating code from Class Diagram and State Diagram only. In fact, it’s not possible to generate code from Use Case Diagram.

Use case diagram is for modeling the user’s goal, it only models what the system needs to do in order to fulfill user’s requirement, but does not mention (and never) how it should be done. In order to model the interaction of the system, you have to elaborate the use case with other UML diagrams such as activity diagram, sequence diagram, etc. So, without knowing the logic of the user’s goal, how can the code being generated?

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Best regards,
Lilian Wong