How to generate Java code from class diagram?


I have installed Netbean & VP professional edition and integrated them on my PC running on Windows XP professional. I have created some class diagrams but unable to generate the java code.

My menu bar in VP does not have the “code” option. However under ORM there is a code generation option which seems to be for database code generation only. I’m not using database in my application.

Please kindly show me how to generate Java code from class diagram
Thank you very much.

Hi soon,

Thank you for the post. Please press on the ‘nb’ icon on the Diagram Navigator. (Please refer to the attachment for detail)

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Thanks Jick,

i tried to find the button that u recommended but fail to do so.
Do i have to install any more IDE Integration to make the button appeared?

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May I have screenshots for both your VP-UML and NetBeans? Thank you.

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This are the two screenshots.

Thanks Jick.


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Please start VP-UML from the NetBeans by right-clicking on a project in NetBeans and select Tools | Visual Paradigm for UML Professional Edition | Open VP-UML PE Project from the popup menu. I am enclosing a screen shot for better understanding.

By the way, will you also try SDE for NetBeans? SDE for NetBeans is a plugin for NetBeans. It supports the same set of feature as VP-UML, and seamlessly integrate itself into the NetBeans environment.

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