How to get "multiplicity" shown on Class Diagrams


I’m using Visual Paradigm Online.
I have the free basic tier and I’m drawing UML class diagrams.
I want to show an association between classes with the following:

  • association name,
  • direction, and
  • multiplicity.

In the help section it show you how:

My problem is that the visual paradigm online looks nothing like that shown in the help guide.
There is no resource catalogue or multiplicity option. Or tool or preference menu.

Please help, as I would like to be able to add directional arrows to my associations as well as indicate multiplicity without having to this manually by adding a text.

Thank you in advance.
Jason Mans

Hi Jason,

The tutorial you posted is for Visual Paradigm desktop edition. For drawing class diagram in Visual Paradigm Online Diagrams, you may find this video useful:

The user interface in this video is a little out-dated, but the usage is basically the same. However, currently association’s direction cannot be changed so it must be undirected.

Best Regards,


Thanks Antony.