How to get the uml diagrams from java project in eclipse


I want to create UML diagrams from Java Project in eclipse. I have Visual Paradigm plug in into eclipse. I already have java project in eclipse. I right click on the project and selected Open-VP-Uml, and I saved the .vpp in some directory. When i double click on the .vpp , it opens up a visual paradigm editor with the empty diagrams. How do I create UML diagrams from the java project in eclipse? Need help.

Hi sankarisasmal,

You can right click on your Java source file/package and select Update to Model to reverse the Java classes into class model. Once you done it you can then put the class model into diagram to model your system. You can also reverse the operation into sequence diagram (by select Modeling > Instant Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram) to review the dynamic behavior of your system. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong