How to identify key abstractions from UC description

[i]Hey All,

I am really locked up with this situation, Can someone please help this novice with the following:
1) How to find key abstractions from a given use case template eg. "Book Flight"
2) How to draw sequence diagram from using the identified key abstractions

Your help can help this girl commence to complete her project :stuck_out_tongue:


Very briefly:

Look for nouns for key entities such as booking, flight, aircraft, passenger, etc.

With the nouns identified above, pay attention to verbs and actions such as create booking, select flight, assign aircraft, reserve passenger, etc. These actions will likely correspond to the sequence messages and the lifelines will likely originate from the nouns identified above. I believe it’s even more straight-forward when you create a use case description and then follow up with a sequence diagram since your flow of events can easily be translated to a sequence.