How to import library interface and other data table

In my design,some interfaces and abstract classes that come from a open source library are used,question is that related notation will be transfered as class or interface when I performance generating java code.Ideally,these notations should be treated as import *,and no code generation for them.So how can I set code generation?
The other question is that If I want to design a UI,some attribute type is Button that come from an open source UI toolkit,How can make sure this Button type will be imported automatically when nonperforming code generation? Thank you.

Hi AlexLuya,

Thank you for your post. First of all, you can select the classes to generate/not generate code (please read the attached image). This enables you to not generate the library classes.

For your second question, I suggest you perform an Instant Reverse (Tools > Instant Reverse) to reverse the library classes into class model. After that, you can pickup a library class to be an attribute’s type (please see the attached image). During code generation, those required import statement will be generated accordingly.

Hope this help.

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