How to install "SDE CE for VS.NET2003" on VS.NET 2005 beta?

How to install “SDE CE for VS.NET2003” on VS.NET 2005 beta ?

For installation, “SDE CE for VS.NET2003” needs .NET 1.1 Redistributable to be installed, i.e. .NET 2.0 beta is NOT sufficient for installation,
like with many/most/any .NET 1.1 application.

O.k. .NET 1.1 Redistributable is now installed,
the installation of “SDE CE for VS.NET2003”

If I start Visual Paradigm by Start menu entry, there is the error message of “VS.NET 2005”:

Command “Tools.StartSDEVS” is not valid

Any help to do a manual installation ?
Maybe I must just copy some files into the VS.2005 root directories ( so that it its recognized as “plugin” ) ?


I was told by the support:

“Currently, our SDE for Visual Studio does not support VS.NET 2005 beta release. Our development team is now working on the VS.NET 2005 integration. As I know there are lot of changes in both UI and internal model. This cause us a major work to support VS.NET 2005. Our plan to release the VS.NET 2005 is about March or April.”