How to make JBuilder 2006 Enterprise trial work with SDE 3.3!


I installed
Borland Jbuilder Enterprise Trial ( = free Jbuilder Foundation, after 30 days), Internet download.

Jbuilder knows about the (free) Borland Jbuilder license file,
as I pointed to it when I first called Jbuilder.
I can call Jbuilder and it loads and runs as expected.

  1. I still don´t have a license file for community edition of SDE 5.3 for Jbuilder ( as I learned, that I am just pointed to the proper web-page of Visual Paradigm IF I load SDE 5.3, as it happened with the Eclipse and Visual Studio SDEs ).
    Might anybody tell me the URL to register/order/get the SDE 5.3 for JBuilder community edition license file, directly ?
    Whats the trick to find the community version registration pages, where I can order a free license ?

  2. THE JBuilder PROBLEM
    Now with SDE 5.3 for JBuilder installed, still without SDE 5.3 for JBuilder license file,
    if I call SDE 5.3 for JBuilder,
    Jbuilder 2006 Enterprise complains EACH TIME that it does not know about the Borland Jbuilder license file ( NOT the SDE license file !), and asked for a location. If I point to it, it shuts down without message.
    Next time, again, I am asked for the Borland Jbuilder license file.

So I can´t call SDE for JBuilder with Jbuilder 2006.
P.S: JBuilder 2006 is the first which supports Java SDK 1.5, so no option to use JBuilder 2005 Foundation ( which JUST supports Java SDK 1.4.2 and does NOT run with JDK 1.5, AFAIK ).

So with SDE I can never call JBuilder, and I can never order the free SDE community license file, currently

So does SDE 5.3 support JBuilder 2006, officially ?

I had no problem to run SDE for Eclipse and SDE for Visual Studio, and the operating system + tools are freshly installed.

  1. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 installed,
    but SDE installation offers me just to CHOOSE during installation.
    Is there a simple way to switch SDE 5.3 to work with VS.2003 and VS.2005, temporarily ?

Same with Eclipse versions, I use Eclipse 3.1.2 and 3.2 concurrently as one other tool currently still does not support Eclipse 3.2 but just 3.1.2.

So it would be nice to know how to switch the SDE between different Eclipse verisions.

For the future, a dynamic change utility would be nice.

My System:
W2k, SP4


Hi Rolf,

Thank you for your post.

The problem of asking for an activation key when starting JBuilder seems to be a problem of JBuilder itself. I tried this with a clean machine with JBuilder 2006 and without installing SDE-JB, and I have the same problem. Then, I found the following page that provide a solution to this problem:

I hope the information has helped.

Best Regards,

a) Using JUST Jbuilder without SDE

I just installed JBuilder foundation versions before, this is the first Enterprise trial.

Indeed, JBuilder acts differently if the license file is at different locations.
With other Jbuilder versions, I was allowed to put it anywhere.

now the ONLY place is

Documents and Settings / xxxxxx

where XXXX is the user, typically “Administrator”.
Even “All users” is a bad place, and any other location too.

So the registration software is JUST willing to remember the license file IF it is at

Documents and Settings / Administrator

if you work as “Administrator”.

I am shure that I put the registration file for earlier JBuilder foundation versions at different locations, successfully, e.g. at “All users” or even at totally different places…

So even with the Borland license at the RIGHT position:
I still cannot call VIsual Paradigm SDE 5.3 for JBuilder, though, as there the registration message appears each time I start.

I assume that the Visual Paradigm SDE developers expected, that the registration file can be at “any” location as it was true with earlier versions of Jbuilder ?!! And this is now not true anymore ! SO maybe the SDE calls JBuidler with a wrong environment or “default directory” ?!
Please ask your developers.

c) Now the NEXT effect:
Now I can start Jbuilder after I put my registration file at
Documents and Settings / Administrator

but even after a reboot, if I call the SDE 5.3 for Jbuilder,
nothing happens,
even the license-missing message does not appear :-(.

oF course I can load SDE for Eclipse, still…


SO VP delvelopers., please put the license file at the proper location

Documents and Settings / Administrator

if you login as Administrator as I do ( I know I shouldn’t, as I don´t do with Linux, but… )

and THEN find out if YOU can start SDE for JBuilder with Jbuilder 2006 - I failed.

If I remove the Borland registration file, I get the missing license file message even with SDE for Jbuilder,
but I I put the registration file at the right location, Jbuilder 2006 does not start when called by SDE for Jbuilder.


Dear Rolf,

Thank you for your message. Can I schedule an online meeting with you to sort out this problem? The online meeting will be held over a secure connection. If you can join the meeting now, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Hi Rolf,

Please try to start by following the steps below:

  1. Start JBuilder 2006
  2. Start SDE-JB by selecting Tools | Start SDE-JB from the main menu.

This should work without problem.

Finally, may I know whether you have already received the license key from us or not? If no, I can send you a copy.

Best Regards,

Yes this was the solution.
Thank you very much.

I was able to load JBuilder by the standard start menu item
and to request a SDE key.
I installed the key, and it works.

Why I did not get the clue by myself:

I was unshure about how you did the integration of the tools, so this “load SDE” function is a GREAT idea. I didn´t search for it before, indeed.

In opposite, some other Eclipse “plugins” must be called by calling the “Plugin” executable, which call Eclispse ( so that there is no “plugin” code in the installation directory of Eclipse ).

O.k. I learned my lesson.
Thanks alot.

If I now call SDE for Jbuilder, it still does not load Jbuilder.
But as you described, I may call JBuilder by the standard menu and then start the SDE by

Tools / Start SDE CE-JB

So Visual Paradigm has a problem with Jbuilder ( on my system ), but the workaround is 100% acceptable.