How to make link between (join) elements in the diagrams (models) VP-UML?

Hello all,

I`m new in the Visual Paradigm (use evalution copy) and have a question.

I made the Archimate Diagram in Visual Paradigm 8.0 for UML (Requirements Capturing / ArchiMate Diagram) and imported a DataBase structure there (Visual Paradigm/Database Modeling/Entity Relationship Diagram)

The question is how to make link between same elements in both Archimate & Entity diagrams …
It might work like … subdiagrams for diagrams(models) elements only.

My idea is to join Archimate and UML standards

  • Archimate is about Processes&Services (to do)
  • UML is about structure (database, inventory data in the DataBase(for instance CMDB), etc.)

Best regards,