How to model composite attributes in a class diagram?

Hello all

I’m a student in the UK, and as part of my course I need to be to able to model composite attributes within a class, for example:

Address is an attribute comprised of 1st Address Line, 2nd Address Line, Town/City, County, Postcode, Country.

As I understand it, in most standardised modelling, each one of the above attributes would be considered an attribute, but the “address” itself would be a view? On my course however, we need to express this as an attribute while we’re studying “Conceptual Modelling”.

Can anyone help? This is the best looking software package I’ve seen so far, and I don’t fancy resorting to drawing boxes in Microsoft Word…

Hello Muel,

You should put your address details into a separate class, and having composite association to your address class, or define the address attribute which using “Address” class.

Best regards,
Rain Wong