How to open a VPP file

Hi everyone,

I am new to visual paradigm and I decided to try it out with the trial version.
I have created a diagram and I saved it locally as .vpp file. Because I don’t want it stored on some weird server, I just want my files to be on my own computer.
But now I can’t open my project file anymore. It says: “Your project doesn’t belong to the currently logged-in server.”
Yes, very funny. But seriously, how do I open my own vpp files?
I already tried changing the work space to the directory where the vpp is actually stored, but it still does not allow me to open it. I put a lot of work in the diagram. Seriously, who implements such a “feature” that highly disturbs basic functionality?

Please just tell me how can I just open a vpp file that I have created myself?

Some of our diagrams require back end server’s support (i.e. diagrams marked with Powered by VP Online Web Diagram Technologies). It can be either VP Online, on-premises Teamwork Server, or local embedded server. In fact those diagrams are directly edit and saved on the server the VP application connecting. To use those diagrams we require the VP application connect to the server, and the project need to be fully managed by the VP application, including its storage location. Once the project being saved out of our managed location then that project will no longer consider to have connection to the server, thus those server dependent diagrams will be loss.

If you wish to store everything locally then it is recommend to select local embedded server as your back end server, and keep the project save in the default location. i.e. When you save a project into your local embedded server then we will automatically move it to the default location. After that open project from there will keep its connection your server active.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

This all sounds so overcomplicated. I mean I am sure there are probably all kinds of technical reasons why implementing it this way is considered to be a good idea, but for me, someone who just wants a program that can create diagrams, this is just a terrible user experience.
However, that being said, I really appreciate your elaborate response and your time. Thank you for that.

But does this mean that there is no way to open my locally saved VPP file? Even though I actually have the file, I am not allowed to open it because there’s no connection to whatever server I should have specified before saving it? Then what is the purpose of being able to locally save the file if you can’t open it? Is there perhaps some jailbreak or something that can make the program stop whining and just open the freaking file?

Thanks for replying. If the data inside project file do not involve any server dependent features (the web diagram is just one of it, there are some other features also depends on the server), then it can freely save to, and open from any location in your local computer. But once a project involved any features which are depends on the server, then those data will be saved only on the server (not save to project file). In this case it will require the project’s local storage managed by VP application. If the project is not under our managed location then we consider that project is detached from server. The reason for this is pretty simple. If you have same project duplicated to multiple location in local for editing, then how can we guarantee the integrity of data on server server are matched across those “multiple local projects”? Achieve this will make the tool even become more complex, therefore we choose a simpler approach which is only recognize project under specific location are linked with server.

You can still open it and access to the non-server dependent data inside the project when it is saved out of our managed location, just the server dependent data will not available to you.

Back to your question about “what is the purpose of being able to locally save the file if you can’t open it”, that’s pretty simple. Sometimes user simply try out the server dependent features. Allow user to save the project out of the managed location allow them to detach the project from server, which is what they intended to perform.

Feel free to contact me for any questions!