How to organize the project

I’ve a project which contains sub-modules.

Each sub-module will have it’s own diagrams( class/activity/use case etc)

How do I organize all those?

I was thinking that I should create single model(currently I’m modelling small software), then create packages for each sub-module and diagrams within packages.

Is it the right way to do?

If I do this way and create an Use case I find that all it’s sub-components like(use cases, collaboration etc) get added into the package cluttering whole package. Should I then create the use case within a Subsystem labeled as “Use Case 1” etc?

This is subject to your design. If your modules will be reuse in different projects then it is good to split them into individual projects, and link them up using the project reference feature (see But if the project is self-contained and the modules won’t being reuse in different project, then you can simply using the “Model” or “Package” to organize them.

Best regards,
Rain Wong