How to retrieve the Diagram Link


I’m having trouble trying to retrieve the link from a diagram for a plugin that I am creating.

I have a grid diagram that I want to get the link for, and the built-in functions for IGridDiagramUIModel are not catered to what I need. An example of what I am trying to pull is “EpicModel.vpp://diagram/idingWejieACWkdiw”. Any help is appreciated!

The link actually is just the internal ID of the diagram in your project. if the “idingWejieACWkdiw” in your example is obtained using the getID() method of the grid diagram then it should be correct. But in order to let the link working the project file it try to open must be either inside the workspace folder or the default project folder (i.e. Documents\VPProjects). May I know is the project you try to open (the EpicModel.vpp as in your example) are within these folders?

Yes, it’s inside of that folder path that you specified. Your solution ended up working, I just was calling the wrong methods in order to retrieve the Model ID.

Good to know that it works. Feel free to contact me for any help!