How to reuse ERD entities definitions for UML object diagrams when "Synchronize to Class Diagram" is not working?


I would like to create object diagram to showcase some example of my conceptual ERD.
Thus I read the following tutorials :

So I tried to use the “Synchronize to Class Diagram” contextual option to create the (so that I can reuse the fields of each entity of the ERD to create UML object example ) but it didn’t work. No window like displayed in the tutorial was opened (and no data model created).

Any reasons / workarounds I should be aware off ?

Thanks for the help.

Version 7.2 - (Build 20100129)

Hi jy95,

The synchronization has undergone a number of revamp and reengineering through these years, so it is possible that the steps described in the tutorial does not fit version 7.2, a version released 10 years ago. Could you check the Model Explorer and see if any class models are being created?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

I don’t think so as I got no custom data model on this screen :

If I select “Actor” (one of my entity), there is no feature slots in “slots” tab.