How to set up a default class behavior and add ownedBehaviors


I would like to set a default behavior of a class model element. Generally I would like to create this behavior for my Block element in SysML, but for the sake of initial discussion I want to use it for UML. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it in the class model element specification. I want to set up this:

I know that I can create sub-diagram for my class model element, but I want to be fully compliant with UML and add the Behavior (so activity, interaction and state machine) to my class (then Block) as the default behavior (so the one that is executed/started once the class/block gets instantiated).

Also what about adding * (many) ownedBehaviors?


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Thank you for your post. I have forwarded your question to our development team to study. When there is any reply I will let you know.

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