How to specify target folder for generated codes?

I am currently evaluating SDE for Netbeans(Professional edition) with the intention to purchase. So far I found the software is of high quality.

I still cannot make up my mind to purchase due the following problems I encountered:

  1. The system seemed to generate codes at the root of the mounted folder. Is there a place for me to set the target folder for the generated codes? I check through the whole system and cannot find a place to set the target forlder.

  2. After I moved the generated codes to another folder, the system stop generating codes. How to let the system know about the new location and start generating codes again?

Dear Luke

Currently generate code to target source folder is not supported. But this should be included in our future plan.

Because of some performance issue and persistance checking problem,
any class model in your project should be generated to IDE once.


I should have checked out this feature before we purchased professional version :confused: I took it for granted…

It’s a problem itself that I can’t define the location where to generate code but SDE also may destroy your class diagram if you use code generation more than once. I managed to loose one days work because of these “persistanse checking problems”. Somehow after click “Update to code” SDE managed to revert into some old version of the class diagram made earlier and to loose the current diagram. Therefore needed to start all over again.