How to Specify the amount of memory used by run_sdeec.exe

I launch SDE for my eclipse 3.1.1 environment using the standard launcher run_sdeec.exe. While SDE is running I noticed that it is using ~400MB, and it runs slowly once several diagrams are in use.

Is there a way to tell it to use more memory? (e.g. I have a machine with 2GB available)

I am alluding to the way you can instruct the JVM to use more heap space using vm arguments like: -Xmx1500m, which would instruct the vm to “set maximum Java heap size” to 1.5 GB.


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Hi John,

Please launch SDE by starting Eclipse first, and then start SDE-EC from Eclipse. In this way you can specify the heap size option of the JVM. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Command Prompt
  2. Go to the Eclipse directory.
  3. Enter the statement below:
eclipse -vmargs -Xmx1500m

(you may also specify here the -Xmx option for initial Java heap size)
4. From Eclipse, select Modeling | Start SDE-EC from main menu.
SDE-EC starts.

Hope this helped.

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That did it and it is MUCH more responsive.

Many Thanks,

John :smiley: